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Baroque Forest

With the Trinity Forest and River the City of Dallas has the huge potential to connect Downtown to an extensive system of open green space.

This proposal tries to unlock these potentials by creating an urban fabric that is defined by public space, providing the frame for developing vibrant urban neighborhoods. The size of the project site allows the coexistence of urban density and extensive green space.

Main reasons that public space in dallas is mostly unutilized are high temperatures and the impact of the sun. Therefore this proposal tries to combine the assets of baroque boulevards with the spreading Trinity Forest, using shade as a vital element of public space.

Routing the highway underground for a certain distance makes blending with the existing grid possible and allows creating pedestrian access from downtown to the new Trinity River Waterfront with its extensive recreational spaces.

The still existing highways edge the areas to build on. Furthermore two big greenways are supposed to reach from Downtown to the river forming vital connections. These greenways along with some connecting corridors shape the grid of public space.

Public buildings are located at junction points of the public space. An iconic new building is located at a vital entrance point to Downtown, next to the bridge of Commerce Street leading to Main Street.

The railroad tracks are routed underground for a certain distance. At the junction of different lines, a new train station is proposed. It is located at Dealey Plaza at the endpoint of Main Street.